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Its Love Week: Find Balance in Marriage/Relationship

It’s “Love Week” y’all, and I wanted to share some thoughts on creating balance in your marriage and relationship.

Love and relationships are intricate journeys that require dedication, understanding, and balance. When it comes to marriage, I stand on three key entities that contribute to maintaining harmony and balance: giving attention to Yourself, Your Spouse, and the Marriage itself.

1. Self Attention:

The foundation of a healthy marriage/relationship starts with taking care of yourself. It is essential to be self-aware, emotionally and spiritually grounded in your approach to personal well-being. By paying attention to your own needs, you bring your best self to the relationship. Remember, self-care is not selfish; it is self-awareness and it leads to overall happiness and strength in your marriage/relationship.

2. Spouse Attention:

Alongside self-care, it is equally important to give attention to your spouse. Building a strong connection requires understanding their needs, emotions, goals, and desires. Make time for meaningful conversations with active listening toward each other. By showing genuine interest and support, you create an environment of trust and intimacy. A healthy marriage/relationship is built on mutual care and understanding.

3. Marriage Attention:

While focusing on individual well-being and nurturing the bond with your spouse, it is crucial to prioritize the marriage itself. Your relationship is a separate entity that needs attention and care. Dedicate time for activities (you & spouse alone) that strengthen your bond, and continually work on communication and problem-solving skills. By prioritizing the marriage, you create a solid foundation for lifelong love and happiness.

The Pitfalls of Imbalance:

Finding balance among the three entities can be challenging. It is possible to become so concerned with self-care that you neglect your spouse and the marriage. On the other hand, you can become so concerned with your spouse's needs that you neglect taking care of yourself and the marriage, which can lead to resentment and burnout. Still, focusing solely on the marriage while neglecting individual needs can be detrimental to both of your well-being. Recognizing these pitfalls is crucial to maintain a harmonious relationship.


Remember, a balanced marriage is a thriving marriage. On this journey of love and relationships, finding balance among yourself, your spouse, and the marriage is extremely essential. By prioritizing self-care, nurturing the bond with your spouse, and cultivating the marriage itself, you can create a strong and fulfilling partnership. Remember, balance is. not easily achieved. You cannot just set it and forget it. Balance requires ongoing effort and open communication.

Embrace the journey!

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Very inspirational reading. Positive thoughts are extremely important in the day and time we live in where there’s so much negativity around us. Continue to pour into us as God leads you. Blessings to you and your family

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